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The Rebelz

The Rebelz is a collection of 2,222 unique Rebelz on the Ethereum blockchain, each more rebellious than the other. Your Rebel gives you access to the Rebelworld (open-world Metaverse), P2E games, exclusive events, giveaways, and more.

2,222 unique Rebelz

Each Rebel is a unique digital artwork that has been generated from a mix of hundred different traits. All Rebelz are seriously cool, but some are cooler than others.

Minting a Rebel costs 0.049 ETH. Once all 2,222 Rebelz have been sold, no more will ever be created. We reserved 50 Rebelz for giveaways, community members and the team.



The launch

2,222 carefully crafted Rebelz will be available for minting. Mint some Rebelz and wait for exclusive raffles.


Exclusive raffle

When 25% of the Rebelz are sold, 10 lucky holders will get a free Rebel.


Merchandise store

We'll set up a member exclusive merchandise store and some lucky holders will get free SWAG.
Update (Nov 7): Merch store is live: shop.rebelznft.com 🚀 Sales will start when 50% of the Rebelz are sold.


Charity donation

When 75% of the Rebelz are sold, we'll donate $20.000 to the Clean Air Task Force to help fight with climate change. We need to protect the environment for future generations.


Exclusive raffle

When 100% of the Rebelz are sold, we’ll be doing a community exclusive raffle and lucky holders will win some more Ethereum.


The beginning

It's just the beginning. At this point, we'll have enough resources to keep working for Rebelworld and the future of the project. We'll list Rebelz on Rarity Tools and airdrop free companion NFTs to all Rebelz holders.


The future

We have a team of very talented 2D & 3D artists and developers. We're currently developing the first open-world, decentralized game, called Rebelworld. Holders will be able to join exclusive physical & virtual events, giveaways, and have fun with play-to-earn games.
Update (Nov 7): Here's the first Rebelworld sneak peeks!

We're developing the first open-world, decentralized game, called Rebelworld. Join exclusive in-game events and earn money with P2E games.
In the Rebelworld, Rebelz are not alone. After the public sale, we'll airdrop special companions to all Rebel holders.
Everything in the project will be decided with constant feedback from the community. We're entering a long and very challenging path, and we'll need all the support we can get.
Floor sweeping
Rebelz are not meant to be sold for cheap. They'll be your virtual self in the first open-world, decentralized game. For that, we'll use all royalties to sweep the floor on secondary market.
Exclusive events
We will hold regular physical & virtual events. You will be able to join these exclusive events and meet with like-minded Rebelz.
Exclusive merch
Show your style with custom-made, exclusive merch. T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and more 👉 shop.rebelznft.com



Big Rebel

Jack of All Trades


Cruel Rebel

Lead 3D Artist, Creative Director


Nervous Rebel

Lead 2D Artist


Wise Rebel

Developer, Blockchain Wizard


Pink Rebel

2D Artist, Project Manager